We were in Bali to take pictures of Balinese tempels for Bo's MTBM project (Monster Techno Beat Machine). And we wouldn't be us, if we didn't grab the opportunity to make an adventure print! The first wild animals we encountered were Bats.

We came across a huge cave by the sea, full of bats hanging from the rock ceiling. We were instantly inspired. So when we came home, the first Bali inspired print we made was the bat print.


A couple of months passed and something just didn't feel quite right about the print. That's why we decided that the print needed another go-over. We were happy with the bats, and with the Balinese tempel statues we incorporated. But the rest of the background was missing this cave vibe we were looking for. We also love it when the background has a level of complication, which we were missing.



New Bats print

Fabric - Wallpaper


Previous Bats print


bats in a cavo on Bali

Fluing bat Bali cave