We contacted Pieterburen Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre to see if they were interested in making an adventure print together. Their reaction was super enthusiastic! So we decided to drive all the way up to Pieterburen to meet them, and of course the seals, in person :)

The Seal Centre is one of the oldest and best seal rehabilitation centres in the world and believe that a healthy seal is an indicator of a clean sea. They measure, monitor, rehabilitate and share their knowledge internationally. So that it can be used worldwide and contribute to a better (marine) world.

Film maker Ellard Vasen documented the trip to Pieterburen where we stayed the night at the Queen of Pieterburen, visited the Seal centre and sailed the North Sea to release two seals back into the wild. The photographs were the base for our illustrations. You can see the prints at the end of this movie (and below). The prints are inspired on the tides, so there is 1 print called ebb and 1 called flow. Each print has 3 colour's for now.


The Prints:

Ebb - Sunny day

Fabric - Wallpaper - Shirt

Ebb - By Night

Fabric - Wallpaper - Shirt

Ebb - Golden Hour

Fabric - Wallpaper - Shirt

Flow - Waddensea

Fabric - Wallpaper - Shirt

Flow - Sunny Day

Fabric - Wallpaper - Shirt

Flow - Full MoonFabric - Wallpaper - Shirt 


Some images of our seal releasing adventure:

The beautiful Wadden Sea from birds eye view.

Not cold at all ;)

They named these two after us! What an honour.

And they are off!

Here we are interviewing Arnout de Vries about all the ins and outs of the Seal Care Centre.

Ellard helped us film this adventure. He is a brilliant film maker. You can check out his work at:


Our first meet and greet with the Seal Care Centre:


Some images of our first meet-up:

longwormen die bij zeehonden voorkomen

Sander van Dijk explains us about diseases that occur in seals. He is holding worms that can infest themselves in the longes of a seal.


Seal in bath of pieterburen care center

A young seal in one of the baths at the centre.


Pieterburen seal center

One of the baths outside. They will be expanding the coming years with an education centre about the Dutch seaside.


Products made out of recycled fishing nets

Products made out of recycled fishing nets.


360 VR swimming with the seals :)

 360 VR swimming with the seals :)